Why Aren’t You on Streaming?

Why aren’t you on Spotify?

Yes you!

Or if you are, why aren’t you pushing people to listen? Think they’re just going to find it my magic?

So, maybe you already stream your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and other digital music stores. Or maybe you’ve put a little up, but not sure you see a reason to do it.

Maybe you have been holding off, wondering what’s the point in another bit of work to get more pieces of pennies. Maybe you are all about licensing and that’s enough work. But is it?

I think we all may be missing the point about streaming, and today I want to talk the 4 or 5 reasons to get your music out there, and about some tools that might just help you get more music heard.

This video is sponsored by our friends at DistroKid, so I want to talk about that service if you don’t already have a distributor, the fantastic tools they offer for free to market your music, and ALSO a new service they offer called DistroVID. DISTROKID: Get 7% Off When You Sign Up for DistroKid. We both win and you can make music income from Spotify, Apple, and more!



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