Is Stock Music STILL Worth Doing?

So you may have heard about, be interested, or already be in stock music licensing.

Heck you may have even found my channel from a video I did detailing how I went from 0-$600 a month with Stock music licensing.l

You may hear reports of people making $5000/month doing this, or people like me making $250-400/month. Still others may not make anything.

We’ve heard for years that stock music licensing can be a full-time income, now we’re hearing it could be a good side income…

So is it worth your time as a producer and composer to make music for these stock music libraries?

If so, why? What will it bring you financially or otherwise?

What even is this thing called stock music licensing?

Well, I have some answers you may not expect…

Find Out How to Submit to ALL the Stock Music Libraries! (Version 3!)

The Stock Market: Where, Why, and How to Submit Your Music to Stock Music Licensing.

This resource is a comprehensive look at over 30 stock music licensing libraries, my experience with each of them – especially the ones I have been accepted to, and some thoughts about each.

Find out more here!

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