Premium Coaching

Work with Make Music Income’s Eric Copeland towards your goals in stock music licensing, sync licensing, music composition, music production, and more.

I now offer limited one-hour coaching sessions via phone or Zoom for $125 that could save you years of trial and error. Email Eric now for more information or reserve a limited slot.

Stock Music Licensing

Are you interested in adding monthly passive music income to your life? Eric has been making consistent monthly income with non-exclusive stock music licensing sites like Motion Array, Pond 5, AudioJungle, and more. Email Eric for more information or reserve your spot now.

Sync Licensing for TV, Film, and Advertising

This is the next step in music licensing which can brings in thousands of dollars in passive music income. It takes quality music productions and is a longer game than stock music licensing, but Eric has signed with three exclusive and several other non-exclusive libraries towards music income in TV, Film, and Advertising. Email Eric for more information or reserve a slot now.

Music Composing and Production

Are you wanting to up your game on your music compositions, your music production quality, or just find out where you stand? Eric has a Master’s degree in Music Composition, and has been producing for clients in and out of Nashville for over 20 years. Working monthly with Eric is a great way to have someone to talk to on a weekly basis about your music and find out how to make it better.

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The next phase of my music career involves cultivating my talents as a recording artist, songwriter, session singer, voice-over/on-screen actor, and sync artist. Through Eric’s coaching, I’m gaining a better understanding of the “new” music industry, and how I can make music income with these talents.

Kyle Bellinger