I’m Changing Things!

There are so many music incomes we talk about on this channel, but I have spent the last few weeks really looking at what worked for me in 2022.

What was yay. What was nay. What was…meh.

And especially all thing things I spent time on to the point of not having a moment to even think! What I found was there were some things that while they made me income, they may not have been the best use of my time…

So, I have decided that things need to change.

I have come up with a FOCUS for 2023, or a certain number of focuses…

As well as some things I will be focusing on LESS. I won’t be going in the same directions as last year…

Welcome to the year of 80/20!

WATCH: I’m Changing Things

Get “The Do-Everything Checklist FREE!

The goal with this eBook is to make it a checklist you can use for every song should you accept this challenge. (Should you not accept this assignment, this eBook will self-destruct in 60 seconds…)

So, you’ve created a music piece (possibly with alternate versions.)

Here is a checklist of possibilities.

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