”Getting in Sync” eBook

by Eric Copeland of Make Music Income

How I successfully started a sync licensing career from studying the market, composing the songs, to music production, to making contact and getting in exclusive and non-exclusive sync libraries, to making music income from television placement royalties.

When I sat down to write an eBook about Sync Licensing and my journey, I wanted to make sure it was chock full of goodness and helpful information. But I also thought it was crucial to tell my story in detail, which is I think important for YOU to know as you start YOUR sync licensing journey. But there’s much more…see the Chapter titles below!

With the rise of so many outlets for visual content especially in the realms of television, film, commercials, and gaming, Sync Licensing has become one of the leading new income streams in the music business.

Many musicians, artists, and composers have been searching for record deals and publishing deals for decades, and sync licensing presents that same opportunity for their music.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, many musicians, composers, and producers began searching for other avenues of income when their usual music incomes dwindled. A long time part of the music industry but behind closed doors like most music business opportunities, Sync Licensing is now a very open path for income and legacy that most people in music have been looking for.

After focusing on Sync for half a decade now, I knew I wanted to do some kind of book or course on Sync Licensing, but from my perspective which is quite unique.

Well I am happy to announce it is here!

“Getting in Sync”

How I got into sync licensing libraries with a focused approach, including preparing the right QUALITY music, signing with my first libraries, getting placements, and eventually making music income!

I hope you enjoy!

What’s in the Book:

Chapter 1. Defining Sync Licensing
Chapter 2. How and Why I Got Into Sync
Chapter 3. Preparing the Right Music for Sync
Chapter 4. How I Found Sync Licensing Music Libraries
Chapter 5. How You Get Paid in Sync
Chapter 6. My Experience So Far with Sync
Chapter 7. Music Libraries vs. Sync Agents vs. Direct to Music Supervisors
Chapter 8. Preparing for the Long Game of Sync
Chapter 9. Where To Learn More About Sync