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This is completely FREE content made with care every week to teach you how to Make Music Income from my real experience. Everything I know and have found out while building music income in stock music licensing, sync licensing, music production, and all the ways I Make Music Income.

One-on-One Zoom Coaching

I am excited to offer one-on-one coaching with you wherever you are in the world! Every single artist, composer, songwriter, and musician in the world is completely different. Listening to your music, hearing your story, and helping YOU towards your personal goals can only come from one-on-one consultation.

Music Licensing Mastermind

I have been meeting privately for over a year and a half with select composers, producers, and artists to introduce them to music licensing, specifically with my weekly report on what is happening with my personal sync licensing and stock licensing exploits. It’s fun hour of music licensing discussion and always something new to talk about!

The next phase of my music career involves cultivating my talents as a recording artist, songwriter, session singer, voice-over/on-screen actor, and sync artist. Through Eric’s coaching, I’m gaining a better understanding of the “new” music industry, and how I can make music income with these talents.

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