This site and our online channels are all about how to Make Music Income no matter what your specialty is, no matter what your talents are, no matter where you come from, no matter what limitations you have…none of that matters. You can Make Music Income now and that’s what this channel is all about.

We talk about Stock Music Licensing and how to get your music as the soundtrack behind thousands of YouTube videos and corporate presentations. We talk about Sync Licensing, and getting your music into Television, Film, and Commercials. We also talk about being a Music Artist and finding success there, as well as Music Publishing, and Music Production.

Make Music Income is led by composer, arranger, and producer Eric Copeland, who has been working in Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL for twenty years. His experience as a composer and producer has led to success in music licensing, leading music artists, and making a full-time income from music for over 20 years.

What People Say

“Mr. Eric Copeland: I have so much respect for you. When we first met, you could have easily name dropped or bragged about who you were and your connections in the industry, but you didn’t. Instead, you asked about my vision, listened to my heart, and offered information on how I could be the best me. Who does that?”

– Sharon R

“When we first met I was filled with lots of dreams but needed a plan of action. Eric took me under his wing and helped bring my creative talents to their fullest! Eric is a great out of the box thinker and a pleasure to work with. His honesty, industry knowledge, and truth filled sharing have been crucial to my overall success.”

– Drew D.

“Few in this business possess not only musical talent, but savvy business and marketing skills, creative vision and a genuine concern for people.

Eric has all of this – and more. I’ve always found his work to be nothing short of excellent.”

– Ed K.

Let’s Make Music Income Together!