Inside Crucial Music. A “Non-Exclusive” Sync-Focused Library

Hey people always ask me, where can I find sync libraries? Well, have you heard of Crucial Music?

Well, I have been with Crucial for a few years now and it’s time we talk about this carefully curated, non-exclusive BUT sync-focused library.

There are some really cool aspects about this library and in this video I am going take you behind the curtain with some of the features once you become a Crucial Music composer.

I’ll say this before we get started, there are some things you will love about this library, and some things you may not. But I think you’ll agree that Crucial is unique among libraries and I would be surprised if you DON’T want to join them right after this video.


Getting in Sync

How I got into sync licensing libraries with a focused approach, including preparing the right QUALITY music, signing with my first libraries, getting placements, and eventually making music income!

And how YOU can too!

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