Finding Music Uses With TuneSat, Identifyy, and PROs

One of the very coolest things about music licensing of any kind is knowing your music is being used and better yet, seeing how your music is used.

Whether it’s a use in a popular German TV show about farmers looking for wives, or an emotional Ping Pong video, or a documentary about a church building in an impoverished area, or a freaky gross spider video…it’s just interesting to see or hear about where your music gets used and for what purpose.

It’s almost as good a feeling as making music income from licensing… …almost.

In this video I want to share not so much how the uses of my music are making money, but the uses themselves and how I am finding out where they are used.

Yes, some of these are bringing me pennies, dollars, or nothing, but as has been a bit of theme lately, I consider this part of my legacy as a composer and music maker that my music is being used in these place.

So let’s take a tour of some web sites, my PRO statement, and other ways that I am finding out where my music is getting used, and how yours could too!


Getting in Sync

How I got into sync licensing libraries with a focused approach, including preparing the right QUALITY music, signing with my first libraries, getting placements, and eventually making music income!

And how YOU can too!

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