”The Stock Market” eBook

Where, Why, and How to Submit Your Music
to Stock Music Licensing.

This resource is a comprehensive look at over 30 stock music licensing libraries, my experience with each of them – especially the ones I have been accepted to, and some thoughts about each.

I talk about all of them whether I was accepted or not and then give you the direct link to submit YOUR music to them.

I’ll be updating this eBook as things change, and updates will always be free just by emailing at MakeMusicIncome@gmail.com or by being on our email list!

What’s in the Book:

Chapter One. Defining Stock Music Licensing and How It Works
Chapter Two. How Stock Music Libraries Work
Chapter 3. The Royalty Free Non-Exclusive Stock Libraries (19 Sites I am in, and 17 I am not)
Chapter 4. Drawing the Line: Content ID and PRO Libraries
Other Topics:
How to Be a Music Entity
Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive
Stock Libraries That Allow Content ID