Music Review & Feedback

Need to get a professional opinion on your music?

Make Music Income now offers a cost-effective 3-Song Demo Critique Service for $125.

Eric Copeland has been helping artists, songwriters, and composers from around the world for over 30 years. As a busy producer and composer himself, Eric can give you solid, clear feedback on where you are as a composer, producer, songwriter, and more.

This package includes:

Extensive professional review (Up to 3 Songs per Consult.)

I will listen for several days to your demo in a few different systems and locations to get a feel for the music and it’s commercial and/or music licensing appeal. Other factors taken into consideration will be songwriting strength, originality, music talent, and heart.

Two options of delivery of the critique:

Detailed Email, and Follow-up Phone Conversation. We will write a long, detailed email about the songs and the topics listed above. Then, when you have had time to digest all that, we can schedule a phone call to talk more in-depth.

Zoom Consult and Discussion. We can meet in an online Zoom meeting and listen together. I will point out my thoughts about each song and record the session for you to replay later.

  • I’ll have suggestions for next steps, music licensing, or industry contacts.

It’s a no-lose package for you, and let’s you know if you’re on the right path, or there’s still work to be done.

Ready to get started NOW?

Quotes about our Three Song Critiques

“Your critiques were very interesting to me and the structure/categories were helpful.  I really appreciate your careful listening and specific suggestions”— SONYA S.

“Thank you so much for the constructive feedback! I’m impressed by the well organized and useful comments. No worries about the frankness and honesty – that’s what I signed up for  I just want to improve and I couldn’t argue with any of the points you made. In fact, I’ve already started reworking the songs based on them.”— TOM S.