The Make Music Income Mastermind

I am SO excited to introduce The Make Music Income Mastermind!

This is a 12-week face-to-face, weekly Zoom meeting for a small group of music composers, artists, and entrepreneurs to focus on specific issues personal to each member.

Also included are one-on-one private Zoom consultations each month (3 total in addition to the weekly Zoom meetings!)

Starting in 2023 my private coaching price will be $75/hr. So I think you are going to be interested in this Mastermind especially if you have been even thinking about consulting with us.


In this exclusive Mastermind you will learn face-to-face from ME, focusing specifically on your needs to grow your music business and income. But you’ll also learn from a small group of other composers and producers who are part of the live meeting every week.

Each zoom meeting will last probably minimum of 2 hours as we will want to hear from all the masterminds, as well as hear a new piece of music you are working on that week to give you face-to-face constructive criticism and encouragement.

We’ll focus weekly on many ways to take the kind of music YOU have and make music income, including:

Sync licensing and taking your specific talents to grow a career in music for film, television, advertising, and gaming.

Stock music licensing to libraries, sites, and subjects like Pond5, Motion Array, Artlist, SongTradr, Content ID, and more. How to use it as another income, large or small for YOUR music income.

Building your artist side by also maximizing your earning potential on digital music stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, and more. We concentrate on getting YOUR music on these sites and how you might stimulate sales

Publishing and how mechanical, performance, sync, and other royalties can add up and add to your music incomes.

Using your production skills to make even more income for clients. This is often an overlooked income source for composers who learn how to record and mix for their own songs. Are YOU able to procedure for others? What are the secrets of making income this way that you may already have.

All of these things could be courses on their own (and may be) but you know at Make Music Income I believe that ALL the music incomes are needed to get to where you want to be as a composer, artist, and/or producer.

We will work on each one of these throughout the course, as well as topics we decide on as a group.

Audition Only

The Make Music Mastermind will be audition only as only 6-8 slots are available.

There is a reason for this, and an answer if you don’t fit the requirements.

An important prerequisite for the Mastermind is that you have a decent amount of song catalog that allows you to get started or continue with some of the advanced methods we’ll be trying together in the Mastermind.

If you don’t have an extensive catalog yet, it really won’t behoove you to be in the Make Music Income group, and for that reason I likely may not feel you are ready for this Mastermind.

I DO have an answer for this though, and it is the Hello Composers Mastermind which also be concurrent with this course, and that is also for 6-8 composers at any stage of their career.

In this group we will be focusing on compositional things more than music income things which I think is apropos and helpful for young composers even if they do want to make music income.


The cost is $299 for either 12 week Mastermind, AND three private video coaching sessions with me. And I’ve had people do 4 consults with me, and THAT would be $300.

This whole Mastermind is $1 less than four regular consults!

I’ll also have a way you can split that $299 into 4 payments via Paypal payments.

And here’s the real good news!

My own Cyber whatever price if we talk and you are ready to sign on for the early bird price this week:

Just $249, and again you can split that into four payments if you want. That’s 12 Zoom group sessions and 3 private Zoom sessions with me for just about what 3 coaching sessions will cost in 2023!

Email First!

Hey! Emailing is free! So shoot me an email and let’s talk about you and what group you might be right for.

To find out about the Hello Composers Mastermind, check out the page on the new Hello Composers site here!

So that’s it! Let’s work together, face to face, and together move you towards your music income and composing goals.

Get in touch if you’re interested, and as always Thanks for watching!