I’m Changing Things!

There are so many music incomes we talk about on this channel, but I have spent the last few weeks really looking at what worked for me in 2022. What was yay. What was nay. What was…meh. And especially all thing things I spent time on…

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Why I Finally Quit TAXI Music

I have spent $600 in two years with TAXI Music with the express goal of making more sync licensing library contacts. In this video I will talk about my journey with TAXI, my reasons for deciding to quit the service, and what I plan to do…

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My Music Income in 2022

Was a it good year? Or a bad year? Did Stocks take a tumble? If so, which ones? Did Sync make ANY income? Well, you’re going to have to listen to find out! Hope you enjoy! EC Get the Free eBook “50 Ways to Make Music…

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